GILoT sourceforge page - includes file releases, sources, a message board et cetera.


GILoT is a Java interpreting and formatting log tail:er. As GILoT tails a log file, each log entry is matched against rules dictated in the easily customized rules file; if the log is matched, the log message is formatted to output only the requested data. As such, only relevant data is parsed and reading the log entries becomes much easier.

GILoT is one of the few Java application featuring a TUI, thanks to ncurses and the charva library. Freeing Java from the burden of a swing GUI greatly reduces its memory footprint and consumes less CPU cycles.

In addition to the ncurses TUI, there is also a plain console interface. Adding additional user interfaces shouldn't pose much difficulty


2004-04-01 - GILoT 0.2.0
New release of GILoT ready for download. Added a console user interace, with colorization. Naturally fixed a number of bugs aswell.

All the major features for version 0.2.0 are done - added the 'color dictionary' today, so it will be included with the upcoming release (the rules xml file got a bit cluttered after introducing colors into the console UI, the 'color dictionary' keeps it somewhat tidy). If everything proceeds according to plan, I'll upload GILoT 0.2.0 on tuesday.

Added color support to the console UI - planning on doing a color dictionary aswell, as a means of overriding any assigned colors upon certain matches, such as 'root', 'PANIC', forged ip addresses et cetera.

Contrary to my last statement, concerning non-interactivity, there will indeed be a simple command interface for searching, displaying stats and quitting.

I've uploaded a new screenshot showing off the console UI drenched in colors.

2004-03-21 - later
Work on 0.2.0 has begun; refactorized the UI code - making it quite easy to hack additional interfaces, including GUI:s. The upcoming 0.2.0 release will feature a console interface (non-interactive), similar to colorize and colortail.

GILoT 0.1.0 has been released. I haven't had the opportunity to try it out on other computers, so I am guessing it may contain a few apparent bugs; any feedback, however, is most welcome.

Ok, the prerelease was removed yesterday. Uploaded a couple of screenshots though.

Figured i better put up, at least, something here - I've turned the README into an XML and parsed it with an XSL - not pretty, but functional. Been working like a cursed dog lately to get release 0.1.0 ready; the prerelease contained way too many bugs and should, in all brutality, be removed.


*Open Source - if GILoT lacks some functionality, request it or write it yourself
*Tail a log file in realtime
*Only prints the logs specified within the rules xml file
*Extract and insert variables into your formatted logs via scripts
*Extend GILoT with automated actions upon matched rule, for instance reconnecting to the internet or tracking user session time
*Rules are matched as substrings, tokens or regular expressions
*Any number of criteria per rule, making configuration easier
*Filter parsed logs in the separate 'search tab'
*Set a new date format on the parsed log entries
*Choose between console or ncurses user interface


As GILoT uses sun's regular expressions, jdk 1.4 or later is required. If you're not happy with this, submit a feature request. GILoT requires the following libraries:

*jdom.jar -
*jaxen-full.jar -
*charva.jar -
*log4j-1.2.8.jar -
*saxpath.jar -


To build GILoT from source, edit $GILOT_HOME/src/compile and then run 'Make all jar'. All classes are placed in classes/ and gilot-$version.jar is put in the lib directory. You may safely delete the classes and sources once done.

To compile the javadocs, type 'make javadocs' - all javadocs are placed in the docs/ directory.

At the moment, a bit of work needs to be done before getting GILoT to work under windows. Refer to the charva homepage for more information. I Would also appreciate if someone could submit a few scripts, a gilot.bat and some examples, to make the configuration and install process smoother under windows.


Before you run GILoT for the first time you have to setup a rule file. See the included sample file in rules/ for more information. Also, in the rules/ directory is another directory called scripts - which might be of some interest. Once the rules file has been setup, take a look at and then run ./gilot in $GILOT_HOME. You can override any parameter specified in by supplying the parameter as a java system property, for example:

$ java -Dgilot.rulefile=/home/baudelaire/gilot/rules.xml gilot.Main console


Charva now indents when a log entry is too long to fit on onw line

console ui with colorized output

The main window - parsing all matched logs

Regex searching

General stats

extending log interpretation with 'postcommand'